Davion Only Press Release

Thank you so much for letting us know that Davion has touched your heart. The response has been tremendous and we are excited to know that we are closer to finding a forever family for him.

We currently have hundreds children just like Davion that are in need of a forever family. We would love to share additional information regarding these deserving children to include how to view a picture of them and read about their unique stories.

Eckerd believes there are no unwanted children – just unfound families. To touch a child’s life is to change their future.

For more information on adopting children within our child welfare system, please call
1-866-233-0790 so that you can speak directly to an Eckerd counselor. You can also visit our website at www.eckerd.org/davion to learn information on how to view the faces of our available youth.

Please direct all media inquiries to Jody Grutza, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Eckerd at 727-266-8584 or by email.