When Nathan’s application was received in March 2013, he was awaiting placement in a juvenile detention facility. Nathan had recently been charged with larceny of a firearm. His charges also included breaking and entering, possession of alcohol, injury to real property, damaging school property, possession of stolen goods and filing a false police report. Nathan had negative peer relationships, was breaking the law and had broken his parents’ trust.

During his time in the Eckerd residential program, he has worked on improving his education, developing positive decision making skills, and respecting rules and boundaries. While enrolled at the program, Nathan earned six credits towards high school graduation. He was a model student who consistently demonstrated appropriate behaviors in academic settings, and he developed good relationships with his teachers and his peers. Nathan passed all his classes and earned a Certificate of Academic Achievement and Reading Achievement Award during the summer session.

Nathan is currently working toward his GED. He lives with both parents and is staying within their rules and boundaries. Nathan has significantly improved his relationship with his family over the past eight months. They now enjoy spending time together and look forward to family activities, including camping.