It only takes one day to
change a lifetime.




On May 16th 2019, it’s our chance to make a choice. A choice to dedicate a day-long giving event to the people in our community who need it most – a choice to be all in, and an opportunity to bridge the gap between adversity and prosperity – to provide support, resources, and second chances to children, young people, and families in our community.

May 16th is just one day.
It’s the day we invite you to donate any amount you can to our programs.
It takes one day to change a life – and one choice to be all in.

One Opportunity

Jacob has been in and out of the foster care system for as long as he can remember. The instability that’s become a constant in his life can be discouraging, and despite his young age, he’s had to parent himself for a long time.

Because of donors like you, children like Jacob can be given stable homes, specialized care, and the necessary therapeutic resources to set them up for success.

And it can’t be done without your help.

One Decision

Sarah was raised in an abusive household, and she found distractions from her toxic upbringing by involving herself with the wrong crowd. After a while, Sarah’s decision-making culminated in an arrest and entry into the juvenile justice system.

With your help, thousands of children like Sarah are able to experience stability at home, receive educational and employment opportunities, build character, and take charge of their lives.

And it all starts with your generosity.

One Connection

Daniel’s past is full of adversity – instability, abuse, and toxic relationships have all been parts of his life, and though he does his best to get by, it can sometimes feel like running toward a dead end.
With your donation, thousands of young people like Daniel can be connected with educational resources, vocational skills training, and employment opportunity, helping them make
a life-changing connection between dreams
and reality.

With your help, we can bridge the gap.

It only takes one moment
to change a life.

It only takes one donation to be all in.

Can we count on you to #BeAllIn?