ABC Action News: Tampa family adopts 9 children to keep siblings together

 A Tampa family is adopting nine siblings from foster care in order to keep the siblings all together.28-year-old Peggy Smith and her husband had no kids. In a matter of moments, they now have four children.

We thought it was crazy, but we thought why not? Why not this family?” said Peggy Smith.

The young couple saw a simple Facebook post from the Heart Gallery of Tampa. The post showed the siblings and stated they have a family bond so tight they cannot be split up.

“Why not us? We’re young. We have a beautiful home. Why not help these kids out and grow our family this way?” said Smith.

The couple knew they could not do it alone. So Smith’s mother-in-law, Loryn Smith, and her husband volunteered to become parents again. The couple adopted the five older children. They’ve already raised 15 adoptive children and five biological.

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