Highly Effective Alternative to Boot Camps or Military Schools

Considering a boot camp or military school for your daughter? There are better alternatives.

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Why Boot Camps Don’t Work

Parents might consider boot camps or military schools for the troubled daughter in a desperate attempt to try to teach discipline, respect and responsibility when all else has failed.

Unfortunately, studies show that many boot camps do little more than bring about temporary behavior compliance in troubled teens and often do not bring about permanent, lasting changes in attitudes or behaviors. This is because most boot camps or military schools are not designed to be therapeutic programs.

As a result, they often are not equipped to address the underlying behavioral or emotional problems that are causing out-of-control behaviors in troubled teens. A real concern with the military school or boot camp approaches are they can sometimes make emotional problems worse for teens  — especially those struggling with self esteem, eating disorders, self-injury, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other disorders.

Permanent, Lasting Change for Your Daughter

E-Nini-Hassee: Outdoor Therapeutic School for Girls is a remarkably effective alternative to boot camp or military school that has helped nearly 10,000 troubled girls turn their lives around since 1969. Our outdoor therapeutic approach works because we combine individualized therapy with individualized academics and high interest outdoor adventure activities. This holistic approach addresses girls’ minds, bodies and spirits simultaneously and is a powerful therapeutic combination that brings about long-lasting changes in attitudes and behaviors in troubled girls.

Is E-Nini-Hassee the right choice for your daughter? Here are our advantages:

Our proven approach is positive, nurturing and strengths-based and is based on a deep understanding of your daughter’s and your family’s unique needs.  For more information about E-Nini-Hassee, please download our informational brochure.

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